About Us

While pondering the big questions at the beach, one scorching summer day in early 2007, we stumbled across the answers to enable the achievement of happiness and contentment – a business making things we love!

Since then we have been constantly evolving to achieve our common goal. From our humble beginnings we have progressed into a show room located inside @home+ 329 Bay Road, Cheltenham, Vic 3192.

Here you can see our Revamped furniture, Shadow boxes and other individual items that are well made and designed.

Our inspiration: The common sparrow; •A beautiful but humble, hard-working but social, busy bird. Self reliant and successful at surviving, despite its small stature.

“Flock Together” is a new partnership of two “Birds of a Feather”, who realized a shared passion for fabric, pattern, color, texture and beautiful, hand made, quality, unique, individual items that are well made and designed.